About Us

We are an energetic, future-oriented startup based in Cambridge, UK

Our mission is to accelerate and assist with the dawning of mass renewable energy adaptation by optimizing energy demand and supply with the help of advanced data analysis.

At Cambridge Energy Data Lab, we want to transform the way energy providers and customers look at energy consumption. Using energy data from households collected via smart meters, we seek to analyse user behaviour with big data technologies to create intelligent predictive models. We aim our services to strike at the core of issues related to renewable generation intermittency and overall energy demand, ultimately reducing energy waste and making the energy sector more sustainable.

In collaboration with our academic and industrial partners, we’ve developed novel analysis techniques and products that take advantage of growing energy consumption data. We are exploring new verticals in winning business and building upon our current consultancy services within the UK and European market. Additionally, we are poised to take advantage of the quickly growing Asian market through our partnerships and operations in Hong Kong and Japan.

Our Focus


Analysing billions of pieces of electricity usage data to develop algorithms that provide insight into consumer behavior optimization and adaptation


Creating platforms to visualize consumer behavior and provide optimized solutions for home energy management

UI & UX Design

Delivering a user-friendly interface to assist consumers with behavioural changes to adapt their electricity consumption

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