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We 'were' an energetic, future-oriented startup based in Cambridge, UK.
It's now time to say 'Good-Bye', but please do not worry.
Our journey will be continued on EneChange and SMAP ENERGY.

Our mission was to explore opportunities to accelerate the world into smarter direction by utilising energy big data effectively.

Cambridge Energy Data Lab (CEDL) was established in 2013 by Cambridge University students, graduates, serial-entrepreneurs, data scientists and engineers as a “research lab”. Since we claim ourselves “lab”, we focused on proof-of-concept and prototype development. Products successfully reaching a stage where fundraising from external VCs was possible were spun out into independent startups. Of course, CEDL team members still maintained shares of these newly-born companies and continued to work with them.

Since our inception, we successfully generated two promising companies, both raising investment from notable VCs with a support from Cambridge University. Since our focus is now on these ventures, it’s time to say goodbye to Cambridge Energy Data Lab. We are proud to announce we have succeeded as lab and have step up to the next stage in developing products for a smarter energy sector.

Our Achievement

2 Years, 2 Successful Spinouts


EneChange is the leading energy comparison/switching platform in Japan; suggesting a suitable energy tarifff for consumers among hundrends of available choices. EneChange has 2 million monthly unique visitors in January 2016 and raised $7millions from notable VCs. Enechange’s advantage is that it can construct an accurate consumption profile of an individual household based only on the answers from a brief survey. This product and energy consumption simulation algorithm was developed by CEDL.


Smart Meter Analytics Platform (SMAP) is a comprehensive software solution that allows utilities to analyse energy consumption data using advanced and novel techniques to better understand customer behaviour. SMAP has many novel data analysis capabilities, especially revolving around Time-of-Use (TOU) tariff planning, that were developed at CEDL and in parallel with University of Cambridge research projects. SMAP is currently fundraising and recruiting customers for an extended free trial/early access program.

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