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We are an energetic, future-oriented startup based in Cambridge, UK.

Our mission is to accelerate and assist with the dawning of mass renewable energy adaptation by optimising energy demand and supply with the help of data technology. Using energy data from households collected via smart meter, we seek to analyse user behaviour with big-data technologies to derive intelligent predictive models. We are aiming our services to strike at the core of issues related to the renewable generation intermittency and overall energy demand.

Time-of-use (TOU) algorithm analysis is what makes us different in this market and we are able to do this with our advanced programming and machine learning abilities. We boast a dynamic team of PHD enthusiasts from the best Universities in the U.K and our solutions seeks to establish consumer behaviour adaptation with big data technologies in providing analytical solutions to effectively reduce churn for businesses.

As CEDL, we are exploring new verticals in winning business and building upon our current consultancy services within the UK market. Our previous achievements are within the field of smart meter data, big data and state of the art machine learning.

In addition to the UK, we are poised to take advantage of the quickly-growing Asian market through our partnerships and operations in Hong Kong and Japan.

Our Focus



Analysing billions of pieces of electricity usage data to develop algorithms that provide insight into consumer behaviour optimisation and adaptation.



Developing a platform to visualise consumer behaviour and provide optimised solutions for home energy management.



Delivering a user-friendly interface to assist consumers with behavioural changes to adapt their electricity consumption.

Our Services

As CEDL, our core objective is to enable our clients to value the true meaning of data. One way is by providing smart-meter data analysis services for users in the form of statistical analysis, consumption forecast and tariff recommendations. By outsourcing your smart-data analysis and algorithm development to CEDL, we will ensure to create a tailored solution and help you achieve your goals.

Generally Scoped Data Consultancy Services

We provide on-demand data analysis and consultancy reports for DCC users.

Smart-meters provide a constant flux of data. The amount of energy usage information collected is growing at an ever increasing pace. Whether it is measuring energy used by a household, produced by a windmill or a solar panel, or even the net flux of electricity going through a battery, this data contain key metrics about the system they monitor. However, without advanced analytics, this data is asleep.

The core mission of CEDL is to apply state-of-the-art machine learning methods alongside robust energy models in order to crack open the mine of information contained in these large datasets.

Consumption Forecast with Time-Of-Use Patented Technology

Predicting the behaviour of households under TOU tariffs is at the core of the next generation residential demand response management systems.

Every household in UK will be equipped with a smart-meter by 2020 TOU tariff will be widely available due to installation of smart-meter TOU tariff is designed to reduce consumption at peak time Peak shifting has been confirmed by many academic studies

Our TOU patented technology is a model to quantify customer’s behavioural adaptation to TOU tariffs. This simulation technique improves tariffs recommendation accuracy and tariffs design.

  • Understand your customers' behaviour
  • Smooth your demand curve by analysing your customers demand response
  • Identify and recommend the best tariffs to your customers.

Specialised TOU related services

Our advantages

Data: We dispose of some of the most advanced smart-meter datasets with which we can develop our cutting edge TOU adaptation algorithms.

Science: With a team of PhDs from top UK universities, the algorithms we develop are unique and take advantage of the recent progress in computer science and machine learning.

Our TOU services

  • TOU electricity load adaptation prediction
  • Customers segmentation
  • Optimal tariffs design for profit maximisation, demand levelling, customers satisfaction
  • Comparative studies and simulations of flat tariff rates against TOU rates
  • Tailored research based on proposal



He is a serial entrepreneur and he has been an angel investor, director and CEO of many successful companies. Prior to CEDL, he founded a company that successfully floated on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and since then became a multi-million dollar company. His passion lays now in green energy and electricity big data.


Our expert web developer with experience in charming Ruby. Previously working for an investment bank and a mobile game company in Tokyo, he found his new challenges in Cambridge.


Ninja Chief Technology Officer
Our genius Ninja-style Software Engineer. He loves computer science, web, games, cloud and users.
fb/shirakia @shirakia shirakia.com


Lead Data Scientist
With a passion for Big Data and a background in Maths, Statistics, and Machine Learning.
+Jan janteichmann.me


Data Scientist
Academic excellence and with great experience in Python, he is our snake charmer


Data Scientist
He holds a PhD in applied Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. After having carried out numerical flow simulations for almost 4 years, his interests now lie in the flow of energy data.


Business Analyst
No one understands it better to connect our data science magic with your business requirements.


Energy Market and Policy
With a passion for energy market policy transitions and innovation systems, Sibel is responsible for energy markets and energy policy research.


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